Yair Bushari (BDP Real Estate) – Smart Investors Choose Real Estate in Greece

יאיר בושרי / יוון

According to Yair Bushari, a real estate entrepreneur and owner of the BDP Investment Real Estate Group Ltd., Greece is not only a famous tourist destination that attracts a large number of guests over time; it is also a country that has many worthwhile options for construction and purchase. property.

The options for purchasing land in Greece are varied and scattered, ranging from purchasing a property for the benefit of the tourism industry and whether it is villas or apartments for investment. This is a fair estimate that the current slowdown in Greece brings with it various options for productive interest rates when it comes to property expenses, beneficial and cheap development, and the potential benefit future is huge.

The rationale behind buying a property in Greece while costs are low, in the midst of a financial emergency that directly affects land (as far as the tourism industry and privately owned properties are concerned) is the belief that the real estate market will continue to rise and so will buyers and homeowners.

A little about Greece more or less
Greece has 3,000 islands and consists of 13 regions, isolated into 51 sub-regions. In 1981, Greece joined the European Union, after twenty years.

The euro became public cash and replaced the drachma. Israelis are allowed to enter and leave Greece without a visa; A short flight from here and you are at the magical destination.

Greece is a brilliant region in terms of a real estate business venture, despite the severe economic emergency Greece has experienced recently.

A decade earlier, Greece had undergone a significant improvement in development and accommodation, rural estates, restaurants, and attractions for vacationers and is therefore still considered a popular tourist destination among Israelis.

Let the numbers speak
Land costs in Greece have dropped by 40 to 50 percent compared to what they were before the financial emergency, of course, it depends on which area you are checking, but when it comes to the tourism real estate industry there is no reduction in tariff, which suggests properties that still yield returns. Of land is a useful choice, you can view properties in Greece with a view of the beach and the sea, or in the city center.

Where to buy it?
In principle tourist areas, for example, Athens, Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos, are the most recommended and popular real estate investments among investors around the world and there are many realities there. These destinations are also considered the leading vacation spots in Greece.

Greece is full of possibilities, islands with a view of the past on a blue moon, many tourist sites and a remarkable natural landscape, all with an easy arrival from Israel. Such places have the potential to improve and can become the next resort, for many travelers so buying a property in these destinations is a smart and wise investment whether you invest in tourist-commercial real estate or residential real estate (buying an apartment). The largest repayment can come from month to month/week after week as a lease, or sell the property after construction for improvement at a higher value.